The Easiest Way to Dock Your Boat Every Summer

If you’ve boated in Minnesota, you know that freezing lakes can do a number on your “permanent” dock. That’s why Porta-Docks make so much sense. As the name implies, they’re portable. When your boat or pontoon is done for the summer, your dock can be too.

Wheel-equipped roll-in docks make transportation easy, and you can find a perfect model at Dan’s All Season Service, Inc. of Park Rapids, MN. Stop spending hours every spring trying to keep your beat-up old dock standing for just one more summer. It’s time to go portable.

Dan’s All Season Service, Inc. can help you decide what dock is right for you based on your needs and can quote prices in store.

Sturdy Porta-Dock Gear Will Launch Boats for Years

Porta-Dock’s aluminum construction gives you an ideal combination. They’re strong enough to support people and boats, yet light enough to roll. Best of all, Porta-Dock offers enough features and accessories to handle nearly every boat or pontoon.  

No More Tedious Dock Maintenance

At Dan’s All Season Service, Inc. we carry aluminum and titan decking for your new Porta-Dock. Constructed of high-quality 6000 series aluminum for maximum strength and durability, Porta-Dock’s aluminum docks are corrosion resistant, and unaffected by weather conditions or UV rays. With less maintenance you can enjoy more time out on the water.

Aluminum Decking

Titan Decking

We Offer:

  • Aluminum Docks
  • Boat and Pontoon Lifts
  • Portable Docks
  • Floating Docks
  • Personal Watercraft Lifts
  • Post Docks
  • 100% Polypropylene Decking

Providing Quality Work

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